Accessibility in gaming has quickly become a hot topic in recent years, with marketing teams playing a crucial role in making sure that players of all abilities feel welcome in our communities. Getting accessibility right can seem like an insurmountable task and it can be overwhelming knowing where to even start. If you’re feeling a little lost, we got you.

Introducing minimap – short, bite-sized workshops to help you find your way to creating accessible content.

We’ll guide you in navigating the world of accessibility and making sure that you’re equipped with everything that you need on your quest.

Your Guide

Stacey is wearing a black and white plaid shirt with their hair is soft waves, a bright white fringe on brown hair. They're smiling.

Stacey is an experienced workshop leader and game accessibility professional with 10 years of social media experience as an online personality and community leader. A disabled gamer, they bring an understanding of the barriers that many face when trying to engage with content and a wealth of experience in making marketing accessible to the widest audience possible.

Stacey is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (IAAP), Certified Accessible Player Experiences Practitioner (AbleGamers), with a qualification in Creating Accessible Interfaces from the University of the Arts London and a degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

Accessible Community Management

This workshop will show how to ensure your content, social media, and forums are accessible to and inclusive of all members of your community. From accessible memes to inclusive PR and marketing, you will come away with everything you need to ensure no one is alienated by your great content.

Topics covered

  • What is accessible community management and why does it matter?
  • How might people interact with your content?
  • Clear writing and inclusive language
  • Writing functional alt text and where to find it on all major platforms
  • Subtitles and captions
  • How to avoid seizure triggers in videos and GIFs
  • How to make accessible memes
  • And a checklist of things to ensure you’ve done before posting

Content can also be customised according to your needs.


  • Virtual – Zoom preferred (as English captions are available)
  • Presentation should run for around an hour with 30 mins for Q&A
  • £150pp (discounts available for large groups)

Previously known as the Can I Play That? Accessible Community Management workshop, delivered with Courtney Craven.

Previous Clients


“I cannot give enough positive praise for Stacey’s teachings on accessible community management. The workshop was able to build empathy, highlight common accessibility issues and provide actionable solutions that the folks at Xbox absolutely loved. The workshop was so popular, we have actually ran it multiple times with people of all roles signing up so they could learn how to create a more inclusive and accessible experience on their personal social media channels. I would recommend this to any interested party.”

Tara Voelker – Xbox

“We were able to send a number of folks from our community management and social media teams. Since the training, our social media posts across all of our IPs have taken it upon themselves to add alt text to images, post emoji meme as images instead of text, and shared our audio described videos across our social channels. It was a great opportunity to help get more people onboard with accessibility, especially giving people something that they can have direct ownership over and expertise in. It’s been exciting to see the reception from the community, and I attribute our growth in this space directly to Stacey & Courtney’s training, which gave the team a great foundation and shared language to work from.”

Nikki Crenshaw – Blizzard

“We’ve been on a journey to break barriers at every step of our players experience with our games. Ensuring our marketing and PR teams is part of that mission, so we contacted CIPT for their Community and Social Media Accessibility Workshop. 

Our teams really gained in confidence and knowledge after attending the workshop. The contents were both very beginner friendly, but also very actionable. Our employees use the resources CIPT provided us as guidelines on how to properly make our social platforms and media assets accessibility. 

Highly recommend every game studios’ PR and marketing team take this workshop!”

Améliane Chiasson – Square Enix

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